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Home of the Famous TURKEY TROT!
Home of the Famous TURKEY TROT!
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The city of Yellville
Welcome to Yellville, Arkansas!
The Home of The Famous Turkey Trot, is located in Marion County, Arkansas, the heart of the Ozark Mountains. While this site can give you a quick overview of our Ozark paradise, to truly appreciate the natural beauty of our surroundings, various architectural styles, the spirit of our residents and the warmth of our merchants, there is no better way to experience it than to come visit us. We continually add new business listings, update information on our next Turkey Trot and add events to our growing Community Calendar of Upcoming Events. Be sure to add this site to your favorites and come back often. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Now without further ado, welcome to Yellville! 
                                                       Yellville Area Chamber of Commerce 
The city of Yellville, a city of the second class, was chartered in 1872. We govern ourselves in a mayoral form of government with city council. The city is made up into districts, called Wards. The citizens in each of Yellville's Three Wards elect two representatives to the Yellville City Council. 
At Yellville-Summit Public Schools, located in Yellville, Arkansas, we continue to reaffirm our mission that education must be a combined effort involving students, faculty, parents, and other interested community members. 

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At the chamber's recent annual awards banquet Alex Duffy was recognized as the 2015 Youth Citizen of the Year, Tony Allen the 2015 Citizen of the Year and Breadeaux Pizza, the 2015 Business of the Year! 
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For event and sponsorship information or to have your local event listed, please contact our chamber office by calling 870.449.4676 or email us at
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Alex Duffy - 2015 Youth Citizen of the Year
Tony Allen - 2015 Citizen of the Year
Breadeaux Pizza - 2015 Business of the Year